First meeting over 8 years ago in a marketing class while attending school in NYC, Monica and Mandi have remained great friends ever since.  Although their diet has changed over the years, the two have always had a love for food and enjoy sharing products, recipes, restaurants, and different foods with each other.

The year 2016 was a year that they both had a huge food revolution in their lives.  They started the year with a Whole 30, Monica first.  Mandi soon followed and the rest is history.  Between the two they have completed a total of 6 Whole 30’s within the past year.

Monica and Mandi are trying to live as close to a Paleo/Whole 30 lifestyle but are still figuring out their relationship with many different foods.   Both want to share with you all of the wonderful foods, products, and recipes from A to Z.  They may also share some fun things along the way with you so keep checking back often because you never know what may pop up!



About Monica

Monica is a former Army brat who now lives in Westchester County, NY.  She’s in her late 40s and is recently engaged to the love of her life, affectionately known as  #MAS.

Monica’s career has always been in retail and has recently taken an interesting turn by switching to the corporate life.  As a hobby, she loves taking photos of food, whether at restaurants or at home or while traveling (one suitcase always for foreign grocery goodies). Everyone that knows her knows not to start eating their food until it has been photographed!

Growing up in Puerto Rico and later living  in Germany and a few southern states, she’s always had an interest in food–before the word “foodie” was an official term.  She mostly learned how to cook from her grandmothers who shared their passion for cooking.  Through this passion for food, she’s become a “homemade” chef, self-taught and still evolving.

In a quest to be healthier and tackle some health problems, she first had to follow a dairy/gluten-free diet.  Living a Paleo diet progressed into an on-and-off eating reset through Whole30, where she’s learned how to reconstruct her relationship with food.

While not an avid exerciser (not passionate about being locked up in a gym), she does love being outdoors and doing unexpected activities: zip lining with Mandi and kayaking with #MAS.  Next up, a monthly bicycle challenge, regular yoga/pure barre and starting to train for her first 5K! She would also love to finally try Pilates and do some indoor cycling. (Now you can hold her accountable for all of the above.)

Monica loves lazy Sundays and brunch. She loves spending quality time with family and friends. Her list of traveling adventures is always being updated–whether short weekend trips or the once-yearly foodie trip (yes, restaurants are booked before hotels).  Planning their honeymoon in 2018 is also in progress.

Her preferred foods are……..anything not processed! Favorite yummies include sweet potatoes (even #MAS knows they are a superfood), summer tomatoes, avocados, brussel sprouts, broccoli, but not eggplant or beets.  Fruits and nuts (in original form or milk or butter) are consumed daily.  Salads and smoothies are the latest in constant rotation.


About Mandi

Mandi is a 30 something from Long Island, New York.  She was married in November 2015 to her now husband Chris.  She is thankful that she met him because he supports her in all her healthy choices and maybe sometimes crazy ideas she throws his way.

Mandi loves to wake up early every morning to exercise.  She can usually be found on her yoga mat doing a mix of Tone It Up, Lauren Gleisberg, or any other workout she can get her hands on.  Lately, she has dipped her toes in yoga and a goal is to complete an inversion by years end.  She also enjoys running and has completed 9 half marathons in the past 3 years.

Some of her passions include traveling to explore new places whether near or far, being in the kitchen and cooking, exploring the supermarket for new things to buy and try, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite styles of foods include Spanish or Mexican and Japanese.  Some of her favorite foods are avocados, sweet potatoes, eggs, and nut butters of all kinds.