Prana Fall 2017 Review

Nothing like some new clothes to brighten your day.  Especially when summer is coming to a close and it is your favorite season.

I have always heard so many wonderful things about the company Prana but have never had the opportunity to get anything from them.  Recently, thanks to Fit Approach I was able to select 2 items from their new fall 2017 line to try out.  I was so excited to be given this opportunity.  The first thing I had to do was pick a top and bottom from a list of about 10-12 items.

Read all the way through so that you can get an exclusive discount on your next Prana order!

Picking a bottom was pretty easy because as soon as I saw the print on the pair of leggings I selected I knew this had to be IT.  The top was not as easy since there were a few that I really liked.  After going back and forth for a bit I finally selected the top that you will see below.

Before I get into the items that were sent my way let me tell you why this company is amazing.


  • Their mission is “Inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living.”
  • They are philanthropic.  They partner with several local and international charities.
  • Their clothing is made from organic cotton, recycled wool and polyester, as organic as possible hemp, and responsible down.
  • Prana has Fair Trade practices which ensure that their workers have safe working conditions, all workers have a voice in the work place, higher earnings, and that women are treated equal.
  • All the packaging on their clothing is recyclable.

The Roxanne Printed Legging ($79) that I selected screamed my name as soon as I saw them.  I got them in Indigo Garden in the color Indigo Garden but they also come in a black floral print. The material is so soft and I loved wearing them.  I love that even though they are a pant they fit my short legs without any bunching anywhere.  This isn’t usually the case with a pant for me.  The waist hits at just the right spot on the back and doesn’t slip at all.  I wore these several times including a 4 mile race I ran in the rain.  I did not have any issues with them running at a faster pace.  I also did not feel wet from the rain which sometimes happens in pants.


The top I selected is the Filament Tank ($69) and it comes in 4 beautiful colors (black, north sea (teal), purple mountain, and winter (white)).  The fit of this tank is pretty perfect.  It hugs exactly where it needed to.  It holds everything in place.  I wore this tank while out for a walk and run and also while doing yoga.


Want to get a GREAT discount on your next @prana order? Use the code “FAMG15”. I promise you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

This post is sponsored by Prana and Fit approach.  Items were given to me at no cost but all opinions are my own.  The pant I ordered in an XS and the top a S.


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