Summer Run Essentials

I hate to say it but sadly we are already into August.  This is something I should have posted back in June but never did.  Good thing we still have a bit more time before my favorite season is over.  I hope this post will help you out now and get yourself prepared for next summer.

As someone who goes out every day for either a walk, run, or bike ride this is my ESSENTIAL list of things I either use before hand or bring along with me for the ride.  While some are summer specific others are year long must haves and I will let you know which items make that list as well.


  1. Running Shoes – currently I am wearing a pair of Brooks but whatever brand of shoes that works for you.  I have never been properly fitted for shoes but when I am ready for my next pair later this year I am going to do just that.  Find a pair that is comfortable to you and fit well.  I always go up a half size from my regular shoe size to allow for movement.  In all shoes I wear a size 7 but for running I go to 7.5.
  2. Socks – I always wear a pair of socks for runs that come above my ankles.  This prevents blisters on the back of your ankles and the chance that the sock may fall down into your shoe while running.  There is nothing worse than having to stop to fix a sock or two while out.  The pair in the photo and the company I ALWAYS wear for my longer runs is My Soxy Feet.  If you use the code “SOXYMANDI” at checkout you will get 10% off your sock order.  Their socks are comfortable and fun.  All are mismatching but compliment each other.  A lot of their pairs come with a charity donation so why not support a GREAT cause and have a great pair of socks.
  3. Sunglasses – As long as the sun is shining I always have a pair on my eyes.  Eye protection from the sun is so important.
  4. Running Belt – I have been using my Flip Belt for several years now.  It is my go to item because I can store phone, keys, credit cards/money, running snack (gels or chews), even a pair of eye glasses.  There are so many different kinds of storage belts and I highly recommend investing in one of them.
  5. Hat – 99.9% of the time I wear a hat on my head when I go out for cardio of any kind.  One reason is because of the sun it is another protector for your eyes and your face.  I do not like having the sun in my eyes so this is a huge helper of avoiding that.  It also helps with out of control hair.  It keeps it at bay and out of my face.  Some runners like to wear headbands but I usually do not do so.  In the winter when it is really cold I will wear a beanie hat instead of a ball cap.
  6. SPF Lip Balm – there is nothing worse than having sunburned lips.  Trust me I have done it more times than I would like to admit.  When your lips become doubled in size because they got burned.  I ALWAYS put this on before I go out and usually carry it with me if I know I will be out for a while.
  7. SPF Sunscreen – I try to go with SPF 30 or higher.  I always put some on my face and arms (although I should put here everyday!).  A sunburn isn’t worth a workout burn so make sure you apply or your next run will be a little painful.
  8. Tracker Watch – I used to own a Polar running watch but have since upgraded to an Apple iWatch.  It helps to track all my workouts and is 99.9% accurate.  Any type of watch will do.  I also use the Charity Miles app to track so that I can help a cause (Alzheimer’s Association).
  9. Body Glide – If you are wearing shorts this is a MUST!  Chafing is in my opinion worse than a sunburn.  Put it on your thighs on your arms or wherever you have skin on skin contact.  You will thank me for this.  A burn like this is very painful and not fun after it has happened.

Aside from the body glide all these items are pretty important any time of year.  In the winter I tend to avoid the sunscreen as well although the sun can still effect your skin in the winter so it should be worn all year long.

I do not carry water with me when I run because it is hard to have something in hand.  I also do not listen to music unless I am running a race.

What are you summer run essentials?  Let me know in the comments.


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