H is for Healthy Human + GIVEAWAY!

Anyone that knows me knows that I carry a water bottle around wherever I go.  Always a reusable (unless I am out of town) and ALWAYS filled with water.  I have more bottles in my kitchen than I can count.  Both my mother and husband have told me, at different points in my life, to PLEASE stop bringing new ones home.  If I have to buy a bottle of water I will use the bottle more than once because I feel guilty of having to buy in the first place.

I know with this recent partnership/affiliate/ambassador program I will be ridding my cabinets of some and keeping the new and environmentally friendly bottles.

For the past almost year I have been following an amazing company called Healthy Human.  This company makes amazing liquid holders in a variety of sizes, styles, and color.  All Healthy Human products are made with 18/8 stainless steel.  Because of this whatever is put inside of their product keeps liquid cold for up to 12 hours and hot for 24.

I have totted these bottles around wherever I go whether it was exercise classes, shopping, walking around town, and even on bike rides (the Stein fits in my water bottle holder on my bike!)


A few things to know about 18/8 stainless steel –

  • It is rust, corrosion, & stain resistant.
  • The bottles never take on the flavor of the liquid you put into it.

After trying out for almost 2 months now I can tell you that it for certain is true.  The hot I would say by the end of the day is more on the warm side but this is in their cruiser tumbler with a partly opened lid.  I am sure if I had it in my stein with the fully sealed lid it would stay hot much longer like they say.  I have yet to try it this way because I have been using my stein for water and the tumbler for tea.

My favorite things about their bottles are

  • They are BPA free
  • Because of the way the product is made they do not have the ability to keep bacteria from “growing” like in other bottles that have edges.
  • As previously mentioned the hot stays hot long enough for me to drink my tea.  Most other cruisers fail at this.
  • When closed properly the DO NOT LEAK!  My previous bottle, if it would tip, would start to leak.  Sometimes the old one would even leak without me doing anything to it (when standing straight up!).
  • The fact that cold stays cold and hot stays hot!  I left the bottle in a warm sunny car and the water was not crazy hot.  The Stein kept it at the perfect temperature for me.  I even put a nice creamy smoothie into it and the next day the smoothie was the same consistency as if I had just made it.
  • They come in so many fun colors, sizes, and styles.
    • 16, 21, 32, and 40 oz Stein
    • 20 oz Cruiser Tumbler
    • 16 oz Rover Pints (in fun patterns!)
    • colors ranging from green, to blue, to black, purple, and even a wood finish.

I am currently the proud owner of a 21 oz Stein in Cinnamon and a 20 oz Cruiser in Mojito (a fun neon green color!).  I am just about ready to place an order for some larger 40 oz steins in Mulberry (hello purple obsession!) and possibly Graphite for my husband.  I also can not wait to get my hands on the Flip & Sip lid because it is a bit easier for working out.

Let me know in the comments what you would put in your Healthy Human!

Head over to my Instagram page to enter to win one along with some other fun things this week while I celebrate my birthday!

To enter, as you will see on my Instagram, all you have to do is

  1. Follow myself and Healthy Human.
  2. Like the photo that shows the giveaway.
  3. Tag a friend (one tag per comment & each tag is an entry)
  4. BONUS – 10 additional entries if you make a Healthy Human purchase using my referral code.

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