“N” is for Nuts about Trader Joe’s

When ever I need to stock my pantry with raw nuts I head over to my local Trader Joe’s.  You can find almost any variety that you want at great prices.

Not only do they have individual nuts but you can also find variety packs that have chocolate, raisins, cranberries, yogurt chips and several other sweet treats!


No matter what lifestyle I am following (Whole 30, Tone It Up, healthy in general) there is always an option in their large section.

Some of my favorite items to buy from this area of the store are –

Fancy Raw Nuts – This may be my favorite from the nut section.  The bag contains Brazil nuts (my all time favorite!), cashews, almonds, filberts (hazelnuts), and pecans.  I love the mix of all the flavors in the bag.  I choose this over buying a bag containing only Brazil nuts because I would probably eat the entire bag in one sitting.  Anyone else that way about the Brazil nut?  I take a little out of the bag at a time to enjoy as a snack or if I am hungry between meals.

**I also recently found out these come salted and they are just as good but way more addictive!

Raw Almonds – There is always a bag of them in my pantry.  You can do so much with the almond even though I buy it in every other form possible.  You can pulse in a blender to make almond meal (or just buy it on the shelf nearby), you can continue in a blender and make almond butter (or head to the nut butter section and pick from one of the many DELICIOUS varieties).  Lately I have been using this for “breading” chicken cutlets.  You can head to THIS POST to see one of the many recipes I have done with almond meal.

Raw Cashews – At Trader Joes there are several different kinds you can get but I buy either the whole cashews or cashew pieces.  I love the hint of a smokey flavor that comes with eating a cashew.  Just a tiny piece of info – they taste REALLY good on top of a baked sweet potato (well any nut does but this is one of my favorites to use).

Go Raw Trek Mix – This very special pack comes in a 1 lb bag and in individual serving bags (10 pouches to a purchase).  I almost always buy in the individual serving bags because they are already portioned and I can grab and go.  I have brought these on just about any trip I have been on in the past year.  They feature the almond, raisin, cashew, walnut, and filbert.  I chose this over a variety that has the cranberry because there is no sugar.  The mix with cranberries is dried with sugar which is off limits during the Whole 30.  An even better reason is I like raisins better than cranberries.

Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins – I love to buy them but not TOO often because I LOVE to eat them and control is not my friend when it comes to raisins.  I also love the golden raisins from the shelves.  Happy to say that sugar is NOT one of their ingredients!

Simply Almonds, Cashews, and Chocolate Trek Mix – I almost don’t even need to go into detail why I love this mix so much.  I will keep it in house when NOT on the Whole 30 because chocolate/sugar are not allowed during the 30 days.  This variety comes the same way as the Go Raw Trek Mix and I ALWAYS buy it in the individual packets because…well…chocolate!


One of their newest shelf items that has become a staple in my diet is their All The Mixed Nuts nut butter.  It is a mix of Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts (my fave), Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Sea Salt.

What are some of your favorite items from the Trader Joe’s nut section?  I do have a few others that I enjoy buying but these are the usual staples that I keep in our pantry.  Share in the comments what you love to buy!


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