“N” is for Nut Butter + GIVEAWAY!

One of my most favorite things to eat is nut butter and in form.  Right now I have at least 12 different kinds in my pantry and I am sure that number will not go down anytime soon.  I am not one to discriminate against against any brand or trying a new kind.


Recently I had the opportunity to try out a fairly new company called Bliss Nut Butter.  Their website slogan is SIMPLE. HEALTHY. DELICIOUS. and that describes their nut butters to a “T”.   I brought a variety of their products to a fitness meetup I helped to organize with a friend.  After the workouts we were able to try out 4 different kinds and I am pretty sure all the girls went NUTS (no pun intended) over them.

At the event we tried the Sunflower Seed Butter, Peanut Butter with Chia Seeds (my favorite food that keeps on giving), Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter with Chia Seeds and Cinnamon. Honestly, sampling each at the event, one was better than the next.  If I had to pick one of the four to get again I would go for the Peanut Butter with Chia and Cinnamon only because I LOVE CINNAMON!  I have been gravitating lately to what was left of the sunflower seed butter (like I said I do not discriminate!).


Some of the girls that attended the event gave me their feedback on the product so that I don’t act to biased on it.

“I love the Peanut Butter with Chia Seeds and Cinnamon.  I ate it as a dip with apples all the time.  An added bonus is it is PACKED with extra protein!” – Kat

“Bliss has made me rethink my entire peanut butter game.  The simple ingredients give it a taste unlike any other peanut butter on the market.  I love it!” -Becca (Becca has since placed 2 orders for with Bliss to keep her pantry well stocked and her belly nice and full)

I have also been using their Cashew Butter and it is the first time I have had a cashew variety from any brand.  It set a VERY high bar.  Just like the others the sea salt and honey they all contain bring in a GREAT mix of sweet and salty.  They are all creamy and delicious.

Mixing in with a smoothie gives it a nice creamy texture.  Topping a waffle or pancake melts it a bit for a nutty addition.  To make a healthier “Thai” dish you can add some to your (what I use) zoodles with a little sesame oil for a nice nutty flavor.

I have not been disappointed with any of the Bliss Nut Butters I have tried.  They also come in a Hazelnut and Hazelnut with Cranberries.


Starting TODAY until Thursday, April 27th at NOON EST if you head to @HealthyAtoZ on Instagram you will have the opportunity to win a jar of the Hazelnut Bliss and a few extra goodies.


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