“P” is for Potatoes

Since completing my first Whole 30 nearly a year ago I have become obsessed with potatoes!  They are a staple more so than ever in my kitchen.  My favorites are sweet potato and red potato.


I always thought that eating potatoes will make you fat or gain weight.  3 rounds of the Whole 30 and hundreds of potatoes later I can say the weight has not been added on and if it has it was not from eating all the potatoes!

I will never forget the many times I heard Rachael Ray say on her show “a sweet potato is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat.”

sweetMy favorite time of the year was always around Thanksgiving because I knew that the sweet potatoes LOADED with marshmallows would be on the table.  I used to take 10% potato and 90% marshmallow.  I have since come to love the orange stuff on the bottom and would rather have that then that sticky white stuff!  I still enjoy having this once a year treat but only add cinnamon and coconut oil to the potatoes now rather than any brown sugar or butter.  The sweet potato has now become a staple in my diet all year long.

**Lately my “secret ingredient” is topping it with some form of nut butter.  Be on the lookout next week for a very special post featuring something for YOU!

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene, vitamin A, fiber, and vitamin C.  I would
really LOVE to try the purple sweet potato if I ever see it in a store near me.  Have you tried this variety?


They are also insanely versatile.  I love to use to make waffles or pancakes, as a toast, roasted, baked, made into wedges or chips, and just plain mashed!  Lately I have been mixing with a steamed veggie like carrots to make a mash or topping with some nut butter.

The red potato is loaded with potassium and vitaredmin C and no sodium or cholesterol. There is something about this variety that keeps me coming back for more.  Lately I have been using the ever popular “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning from Trader Joe’s when making the potatoes.  I intended to make a stove top hash but then changed my mind and used this seasoning in the mix.  They came out SO good and were husband approved.


What is your favorite potato variety?  How do you enjoy cooking it?  Share with us in the comments


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