“P” is for Patience

This week we are starting with the letter “P” and I wanted to talk to you about patience.


Patience is VERY important in all aspects of life.  Rushing something may get it done faster but it never will get it done 150% like taking your time.

As the saying goes “slow and steady win the race.”

I wanted to share with you the word “P”atience when it comes to exercising.

So many have asked me how I am able to get up so early in the morning to get my workout in.  Monday through Friday I am up at 5:45 am (sometimes earlier but do not get out of bed until then).  The weekends are a little bit later maybe 6:15/6:30 am.  I did not always start exercising this early in the morning.  I had to slowly work my way to this time.

I remember the first time about 6 or 7 years ago when I decided to wake up early for a workout.  I started with waking 30 minutes earlier and continued to increase that time.  I scheduled each workout (depending on when I need to leave the house) and made sure I got it done.  I used to wake up and go to the gym but enjoyed doing my workout from home much more.

A 20 minute workout done properly and well is far greater than an hour workout where your back is hurting the entire time.  Just remember that even a 20 or 30 minute workout is better for you then sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips.

Start small with your wake up and work out.  I will share some of my favorite quick and easy workouts below.  You will not become a body builder over night nor will the weight drop overnight.  So have patience with the process.

Making this small change to your day and getting in a workout really sets the pace and outlook of the entire day.  I choose to ALWAYS workout in the morning because I never know what the rest of the day will bring.  Each day is a new surprise.  There are days where I will go for a walk or run in the afternoon but I do not count on it.

My top 6 favorite quick and effective workouts:

  1. Tone It Up Band Workout
  2. Blogilates Abs on Fire
  3. Lauren Gleisberg Chest + Back
  4. The Journey Junkie Intense Core Strength Workout: 20 Minute Yoga Practice
  5. Tone It Up Tush It Good
  6. Yoga with Adriene – Yoga Camp

3 thoughts on ““P” is for Patience”

  1. Oh man, that is early. But I can see why it is so rewarding, to have it all over and done with before you get ready and go to work. I usually work out (at home) after work, but it is difficult when something comes up and there’s no time left. I noticed a Blogilates video on the list! I absolutely love Pop Pilates and have been doing it for about 3 years already. I’m so thankful her videos are super fun and free! My favorite is definitely Ultimate Abs! It’s quite the killer!


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